What to expect

Going into a new church for the first time can be quite a daunting experience - even for those who have gone to different ones! So, we have tried to put together a basic list of questions and answers to help you. Please tell us if we have missed anything!


How long does it last?

Sunday services start at 10am and finish around 12noon. If you have to leave sooner we do understand. We have refreshments afterwards so please feel free to stay a little longer and get to meet others and chat with them. There is a small coffee area where you can sit.


What should I wear?

The Pastor tends to wear a suit and tie, but the rest of us are pretty casual. You won't be out of place in open necked shirts, t-shirts, dresses, smart trousers, jeans etc. The photo below may give you some idea.


What does it sound like?

We have worship group consisting of drums, bass guitar, keyboard and singers. The songs are shown onto a screen by means of an overhead projector. We have a mix of traditional hymns and modern worship songs. It all goes with a swing and we enjoy enthusiastic worship, so don't be surprised if there is clapping, hands raised in worship to God and even dancing.


What size church are you?

We are not a large church (yet), but are continuing to grow. A typical Sunday Service will see about 50 adults and 16 children. We are not all about 'numbers of people attending', but at the same time we recognise that healthy things grow, and we are continuing to experience this. The photo on the right was taken at the beginning of March 2016 and will give you some idea of what it looks like within the church.


What about children?

We love children!  They will be very welcome regardless of how young. We have a separate, safe children's room for those 2 years old and under - please ask one of the staff for help if you have a baby. For the older ones we have 'Invaders' and they are split into three age groups. Junior Invaders 2-6 years. Young Invaders 7-12 years, and Youth Invaders from 13+. Our lessons are taken from the Bible, which is enhanced by other activities such as crafts, singing, drama and watching DVDs relevant to the teaching that morning. These are all available just before the message starts at about 11am and one of our leaders will be pleased to direct you to the children's program. All those involved are fully CRB checked.


What are the people like?

Well, we think they are great, but then we may be biased!  There is a good mixture of ages and a fairly even split between sexes. In terms of background we are quite an ethnic mix. We have folk from the Caribbean, Africa, Philippines, Europe (France & Italy) and UK. You will notice a diversity of backgrounds, cultures, ages etc, which is quite unique for our area. One common theme is that we all love Jesus, and the diversity adds to the fun and we really enjoy being together. Wherever you are from you are going to fit in just fine!


What version of the Bible do you use?

We tend to use the New King James Version (NKJV), but some use the King James Version (KJV) or New International Version (NIV). 


Where do I park?

Unfortunately, we don't have our own carpark. However, you will find plenty of places to park on the road (no parking restrictions), just be careful not to block drives or entrances.


What do I do when I get there?

You will find someone at the door with today's program. They will greet you and show you in - please feel free to sit anywhere you like as there are no reserved places. There are no rules to follow or prayer book. Just do what you feel comfortable doing - you will see everyone else doing that!


Is there a collection/offering?

Yes, there is. Usually around 10:35. It will come after the notices. However, if you are a visitor please don't feel obliged to put anything in. Just let the offering containers pass you by. You will see others doing the same, many of whom give by regular standing order through their bank.