Living Word Church - The journey so far


It was back in January 2014 that Pastor Dale first encouraged us to pray about purchasing the building we worship in.  At that point it seemed financially impossible, but as months passed belief grew in our hearts that this was something God wanted us to do and was already building up the church numerically and financially to support this.  So, in July we had the property independently valued at £125,000, and we prayerfully set ourselves a target of raising a deposit of £30,000 by the end of January 2015. To be honest this was a huge step of faith for us, and there was a feeling of ‘how can this possibly happen?’  

In October 2014 we approached the owners of the building, a very supportive Christian charity based in Gloucester. At this point we were renting the building from them, but they were keen to sell it.  We met with their Chair of Trustees and then the Board of Trustees that month and they generously agreed to reduce the sale price to £100,000 and later reduced it again to £90,000 - real answers to prayer! We now had another significant obstacle to overcome. Where could we get a loan/mortgage from for the balance of £60,000? We had already explored some possible options but the doors were closed. Incredibly, and without being asked, the owners offered to lend us the balance of £60,000 on preferential terms, provided we could raise the £30,000 deposit by the date we had set (end of January). 

So, the pressure was on and we prayed and encouraged our fellowship to do all they could. At the same time we felt it right to approach sister Pentecostal churches for help. Amazingly, the money began to pour in.  So many cheques and gifts arrived from all over the country, and our own fellowship gave sacrificially. By the 29th January we had achieved £29,000 - that same day a further gift of £1,000 was offered and we had made it! The impossible had been made possible by our great and incredible God.  To all of you who have given gifts large and small, and especially those who have prayed for us, Thank you so much!
By the end of September 2015 we had managed to put together a deposit of £40,000 and the building is now ours!  Praise God!


6 years later and thanks to God's grace and the generosity we received, we have been successful in paying off our £50,000 mortgage loan. However, due to these efforts it does unfortunately mean other areas of the building have been somewhat neglected. 


 We are in need of urgent renovation works such as:

- New windows (as currently only single glazed) and replacement side doors (as they are rotting) - £6,000

- Replacement of 2 flat roofs - £21,163

- Complete Kitchen renovation (new units, industrial cooker/ oven, industrial dishwasher, extractor fan, hot water boiler and flooring) - £7,000

Total = £34,163.


At the moment, we just don’t have enough money to complete this work but the need is becoming more urgent as time goes on. We are trusting God for this.

Once again, thank you to everyone who has helped make the impossible possible, and all praise and honour and glory to our great and majestic God!


If you would like to make a donation you can do so during our Sunday service or by contacting us. Whatever you give, whether large or small will go straight to the renovation work needed and will make a difference.