More about us

Living Word Church is a place where everyone matters. Our desire is to be a place where everyone belongs and so we seek to be a Church for everyone. 


There was an interesting article in the Daily Telegraph in December 2014. Based on a survey of over 4,000 people aged 13 upwards the article explained, "Churches are the best social melting pots in modern Britain. Churches and other places of worship are more successful than any other social setting at bringing people of different backgrounds together, well ahead of gatherings such as parties, meetings, weddings or venues such as pubs and clubs." It went on to show how churches were more radically and socially diverse than the average UK setting, and came a close second to sporting events when it came to age. Church, it seems, is for everyone.


So, is Living Word Church a good example of this? Well, every Sunday we gather together as kids and teenagers, grandparents and students. We have marrieds, singles, parents and single parents and others who have gone through the heartache of divorce, or the pain of bereavement. We have the employed and the job seeker, the long term sick and the long term carer. We have retired police officers, animal rescuers, professional carers, midwives and teachers, professional musicians, call centre staff, fast food workers, recovering addicts, ex-bankers and insurance workers. Former atheists, agnostics, sceptics and former followers of other religions. And all of this before we talk about where they are from - the Caribbean, South Africa, Philippines, Europe and UK. We are not a large church (yet), but we certainly believe we are a church for everyone, and that includes you!


A Church where everyone plays their part

The Bible talks about the church being the body of Christ, and individual Christians as members of that body. This is a powerful picture of church life: believers working together like hands and feet, eyes and ears, each with a specific gift and role to play that nobody else has. And just like the human body, the church needs every part contributing for the benefit of the whole.


In practice, we do this by volunteering our gifts and time regularly. We want to be a church where every single member is using their God-given abilities to benefit others inside and outside the church. We also play our part by giving regularly financially. The key point is that we all contribute our time and money together for the good of the church and the community, and ultimately for the glory of God.