Mission & Values

Our identity defines who we are and how we believe God is building His church. This is contained in our five core values, which we are committed to outwork in everything we do.  
They are:


Growing Stronger Together

Fact: human beings have been designed to have relationship with others - and it’s exactly the same with God. He created each one of us to unique amazing specifications, and loves us so much that He gave His Son to die so that anyone can have a relationship with Him.


Living Word Church exists to help you get to know God, because it’s when you have an encounter with Him and start to see how awesome He is, and realise just how much He’s done for you, your heart, mind and spirit will be transformed to want to worship and adore Him with everything you have. Worship through music is one way to do this. Every week there’s a time of worship that is modern and dynamic in a style to appeal to today’s generation. Using music and songs provides a great opportunity to connect with God and hear Him speak to you.


Growing Deeper

Developing a deepening relationship with God is key to seeing Him moving in your life. A great way of starting this process is by getting along to the services that run during the week. The leaders provide life-changing teaching from the Bible, and if you put into practice the things you hear, you’ll quickly become a stronger Christian. 


Growing Larger

Anything that is healthy will grow and we believe this includes the church. At our church, we want to see numbers increasing in order to have a greater impact in our town and nation. Our desire is to see people come to know Jesus and experience the difference He can make in their lives. We have created an environment in the church where everyone can relax and feel at home, to make it as easy as possible to bring guests to any of our meetings. We also run activities and events which are designed as a great way to introduce people to church. It is our personal responsibility to share the hope that a relationship with Jesus brings, ands the value and fulfilment he adds to life. We do everything we can to help and equip people to do this confidently and effectively.


Over the past 2 years we have been blessed to see our Church grow with families, adults, teenagers and children coming into our Church. We have also seen numerous adult baptisms, and more being planned. 


Witnessing is a vital part of our Christian mission and we were blessed with members taking on an outreach along Bexhill seafront during the warmer months, and plan to continue this in 2016. There is also a door to door campaign underway to understand how the church might best serve the people around us.


Growing Warmer

Life can be hard! Jesus said, “Love God and love your neighbour” - that is to get in relationship with God and build friendships! At Living Word Church we believe friendships are essential to provide help, support and encouragement - as well as to enjoy!


Social events run throughout the year and each week there is opportunity to connect with other members of the church. Living Word Church is a place to meet new people, feel accepted and enjoy doing life together! Whoever you are, wherever you come from and whatever church background you have, or haven’t got, you are welcome. We can’t wait to meet you!


From our own experience we know that personal discovery and quality time on your own with God is the ultimate way to make this happen. Here you will really get to know your true identity, have greater knowledge of the truth and find out the plans and purposes God has for your life. It’s important that this takes place on a regular basis in order for you to deepen your relationship with God.


Growing Broader

Building church is not just the responsibility of the leaders. Church members must take responsibility for the role they play in church life, and how they can contribute and develop giftings and talents. Seeing people flourish is key and everyone should play a part and get involved. The church is on an exciting journey and you have the opportunity to be part of it.


It’s important to realise that the church is about the people, not the building. We believe that each and every member of the church is important and have their own part to play in church life. Every person has a way they can get involved, and has the opportunity to use their abilities and talents to play their part. We want to provide an environment where members can be free to, and are supported in, using their skills to reach their potential.


It is also every church member’s responsibility to build church - it’s not just down to the leaders. This requires commitment and often hard work too, not just on a Sunday, but also during the week. We see it as a priority that everyone should be willing to contribute in some way to the life and growth of the church.


A church on a mission

When Jesus lived on earth he had a clear mission and purpose; preaching, healing the sick, training followers, caring for the poor and abandoned, and setting free those who were oppressed and trapped. All of His life was heading towards an amazing climax; his death and resurrection, in which He took on the world's evil and defeated death, by coming back to life and making it possible for everyone to experience a brand new life if they turn to Him, believe in Him and follow Him in obedience.


He then gave His followers jobs to do: witness to this good news all over the world, make followers of others, baptise them, and teach them everything He had taught them to do. In other words, He wanted his followers to do what He had been doing, and say what He had been saying all over the world.


Following Jesus means being caught up in His ongoing mission - preaching and sharing the good news, healing the sick, helping the poor, making followers, welcoming the abandoned, and setting people free - both here in Bexhill and throughout the world.


We are particularly passionate about His instruction to be witnesses of the good news everywhere, which means telling people about what Jesus has done, and seeing it transform their lives. We want everything we do as a church, whether together or individually. to be an expression of God's loving heart for people, which means being a church on a mission.

We are church, we are family. Together we grow. Together we love, and together we build God's kingdom.